Why hire an Experienced Galway Wedding Photographer

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A wedding photographer is of the utmost importance to any Galway wedding. One of the reasons is that you will have memories of your wedding day for life. When the wedding is over and everyone has gone home, the only thing left is the memories of your day through the photos taken by your photographer. A picture tells a thousand words, as they say. Great photos by a professional wedding photographer tell an entire story of your special day.

I have been in the photography business for quite some time now. When I come to Galway, I know many great locations to help get my clients the best photos. Galway is a fantastic place in Ireland, and I have shot several Galway weddings. It definitely helps to have the experienced and knowledge, and of course know some great locations for couples portraits.

Galway is a unique place with lots of different wedding venues that are pretty hard to find elsewhere, so you need an experienced Galway Wedding Photographer to help you out in this area.

Why It Is Important To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer

The first thing I’m going to address is the importance of having a Galway wedding photographer. Memories of your wedding day are essential. Some people forget or don’t remember how things actually went. A Galway Wedding Photographer will be able to capture the story of your day through photos. You will be able to share those with others who could not experience your day in person. You will also be able to pick you favourite photos for your wedding album, and to frame on your well.

One of the most important reasons for hiring a wedding photographer is they won’t miss anything. Wedding photographers are also good at knowing how to capture particular shots in a beautiful way. They can also pose you and your spouse so that it looks natural. Wedding photographers also know how to direct you so that you look your best.

Hiring An Experienced Wedding Photographer in Galway

There are many wedding photographers out there who service Galway, including myself. It can be quite hard to hire an experienced Galway wedding photographer who is able to provide top quality service. Being a Galway wedding photographer myself, I wanted to share my experience with couples who are getting ready to have their dream wedding.

Like all the good wedding photographers out there, I worked hard, and this is an important attribute of a wedding photographer. You need someone will go that extra mile to ensure you are getting lots of amazing photos of your wedding day.

I receive many requests from couples looking for an experienced wedding photographer. Most of these couples are unsure of what they actually want, or how much should they expect to pay. Here are some things you should expect from an experienced Galway wedding photographer.

  • The most obvious but important is that they have photographed weddings before.
  • They should be clear on the number of photos you will receive and how long you will have to wait to receive them.
  • Your photographer will have had some sort of meeting with you and know and understand the timeline of your entire wedding day.
  • He/she will provide a solid wedding photography contract to be signed by both you and the photographer.

Taking Control

Another important aspect related to experience is the number of weddings a professional has worked on. Experience is very important for a successful wedding photography business. This can only be gained by working on different types of weddings with different clients.

A good wedding photographer knows how to take control. A wedding photographer will know what he needs to do, especially when it comes to the crucial moments. An experienced Galway wedding photographer will be aware of important factors like the time, place, lighting and composition of a particular shot.

Wedding Photography Payments And Contracts

Wedding photography contracts should be written on the needs of both parties. There are two types of standard wedding photography contracts that I use, depending on the client I am working with.

Normally, a deposit to be paid upon booking. The deposit is usually non-refundable and around 30% of the total fee.

Why Pay A Deposit

There are several reasons why a photographer will ask for a deposit.

  • The deposit shows you are serious about hiring a wedding photographer
  • Your wedding date will be held.
  • If the wedding is cancelled, photographer is not out of pocket.
  • The deposit covers part of the time spent before the wedding, including meetings, calls, planning etc.

There are times when a photographer may return your deposit. The wedding photography contract will include this. I will return a deposit if I am able to book another couple for the same date or if the couple cancel within 14 days of booking. Many wedding photographer will have similar terms in their contracts.

The Wedding Photography Contract

The contract includes a lot of things related to your wedding day. Here are a few examples:

What time they should arrive, and where: You will agree a time and place for the photographer to arrive. This is typically where the bride is getting ready.

Expenses for travel, accommodation, food, etc.

If the photographer has to travel long distances, spend a night and feed him/herself they may add this to their contract at an rate that is agreed by both parties.

The amount of photos you will receive.

It is impossible to say exactly how many photos you will receive from a wedding photographer. Most photographers will include a minimum number of photos in their contract.

The length of time they will be there.

This varies a lot depending on how long you have hired them for. Typically, a wedding photographer gets hired from the preparations to the first dance. When the first dance is over the photographer will pack up and go home. Some photographers will agree a rate to stay longer if you want them to, which is typically an hourly rate.

Paying Your Wedding Photographer

Most wedding photographers will be require at least one third upfront. They will be paid the rest on or before the day of the wedding. Personally I like to try and get the payments out of the way before the wedding day so the couple have one less thing to worry about on the wedding day itself.

Do You Need A Wedding Photographer?

When it comes down to it, you are paying an expert to do a job. You could use photos from your friends phones, but you will never get the same quality an experienced Galway wedding photographer can produce.

So in the end, it all comes down to this: If you want to ensure that your wedding day is captured in a unique and stunning way, then yes – you should absolutely hire an experienced Galway wedding photographer who provides a solid contract that protects both you and the photographer.

How Long Does It Take To Edit Wedding Photographs

The editing process for wedding photographs typically takes a few weeks. This is because there are so many photos to go through and edit, and the photographer wants to make sure that every picture is as perfect as possible. The finished set of edited images will typically be sent back to the couple through a private online gallery where the couple can download them in high-resolution to their computer.

How Long Do You Make People Wait For Their Wedding Photographs

A wedding photographer should have no problem delivering a set of edited photographs in less than a month. Some photographers will offer to deliver your photos even sooner while others may take longer. The length of time is directly related to what else he/she may be working on.

Working With You To Create Your Dream Captures

A professional wedding photographer will ask you about your ideas for your big day. The photographer can help you choose shots that will look great in your house, while reminding you about formal family photos you will need to take with the photographer’s assistance.

How To Ensure Your Pictures Are Unforgettable

There are many things you can do to make sure your wedding photos are both unique and memorable. Here are a few of them:  Choose a location that helps tell the story of your relationship and how it has grown over time. Hire a wedding photographer who has tons of experience and can create stunning images that will stick in your mind for years to come.

Ask your friends and family to wear bright colors (pinks, reds) and do their best to include as many smiles as possible in the photos. These things will be reflected in your final set of photos, giving them personality and a unique feel.

How To Find  A Good Wedding Photographer In My Area

If you have decided to hire a Galway wedding photographer, you will want to make sure that he or she is the right person for the job. Hiring an amateur could result in pictures that do not capture your big day as much as they should.

Many areas have a local wedding photography organization that can help recommend photographers to you based on your specific needs and wedding details.

While it is important to make sure your photographer has experience, this is not the only thing to consider when hiring a professional photographer. Make sure he or she will be around for the entire duration of your event, and ifi your budget allows and the photographer includes a second photographer, it would be great to get that second photographer option so get even more great photos and ensure nothing gets missed on your special day.


In the end, working with a professional Galway wedding photographer will make all the difference. Make sure you hire someone who has experience and a strong contract that explicitly outlines the requirements.

The time it takes to edit wedding photographs is typically a few weeks. This is because there are so many photos to go through and edit. The finished set of edited images will typically be sent back to the couple through a private online gallery where they can download them in high-resolution to their computer.

A good Galway wedding photographer will ask you about your ideas for your big day. The photographer can help you choose shots that look great in your house, while reminding you about formal family photos you will need to take with the photographer’s assistance.

Think about the story of your relationship and where it is. Decide on a location that helps tell the story.



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