Westmeath Family Photographer

I offer high quality family photography in Westmeath and am committed to working with you to create a photograph that will capture the love, memories and personalities of your family throughout the photography session.

What Does a Westmeath Family Photographer Do?

A family photographer is someone who captures a moment in time with those you care for most. Family photography portraits capture the essence of emotion, life and love. When getting family photos, it in itself can be a great day out with your family while capturing treasured moments at the same time.

A  good Westmeath family photographer captures special moments between loved ones that will last forever. I love to use natural lighting outdoors as much as possible to minimise harsh shadows and produce beautiful soft but sharp images for my clients.

Natural Light Family Photos in Westmeath

I use natural light as much as possible in my family photography to avoid harsh shadows. I like the light quality that results from natural light with outdoor shoots. There are many locations around Westmeath for great family photos like the canal walk in Athlone, Lough Ennell, Belvedere House & Gardens, Lough Owel and many other more. There is always your own garden too to consider.

Often I shoot family portraits in my clients living rooms using a large window as the main source of diffused natural light and then use a reflector to bounce some extra soft fill around when necessary such as for shots against a grey wall. Where a room may be too dark for natural light family photography I will use one or more flashes to get good quality soft light within the room.

Capture Your Family In Their Best Light

Working with Children to get Great Family Photos

Capturing the moment is what I do best. When photographing children, especially those who are very young, it’s important to keep them engaged and have fun. No one likes having their photo taken so if you can make the shoot fun for everyone involved, then that will be a great start. I tend to try and get the kids involved, make them feel like that are part of the process and not just there to stand in front of the camera.

Letting kids run and play, capturing them in a candid way can often deliver some great photos of your kids being their natural selves.

Posing For Family Photos

A family photography portrait is a treasured memory. When taking family photos, it can be important to take the time to plan the best possible way to get the best shots.

One of the first things to think about is what type of setting you want your photos to have. Do you want them out in a natural environment or at home? It’s also important to think about what expressions and poses are going to work best for your photos. There are some great examples of poses on LinkedIn that will give you inspiration, or you can try some of your own.

Family Photography Locations around Westmeath

I’m always looking for great ideas and inspiration around Westmeath when it comes to photographing kids, family photography and natural lighting. Autumn and Winter in particular the sunset’s are great so a good idea is to get out early and photograph your children playing in the golden light at around 6 or 7pm when outside is still bright and beautiful.

Family Photography Portraits With Expression and Meaning

What makes my family photography memorable for clients is capturing that natural look, expression and emotion at the right time in their lives.

Dads sometimes have a hard time trying to figure out how they can show their affection for their children, without looking goofy at the same time. A family photo with dad lifting up one of his children above his head really shows how much he cares about his kids and how much he’s willing to play with them. This is a great shot as it captures the moment, shows dad’s strength and he’s not just holding his son or daughter in his arms. This photo has impact, emotion, action and shows dad having fun with his children.


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