Nuala and Collin Athlone Wedding

Wedding date

23rd June 2021

Wedding Location

What a day! With weddings being few and far between these days I’m as giddy as a child with a new toy when I know I get to pick up my camera gear and get to see my wedding couple. Last night I was excitedly busy getting my camera batteries charged. I had a long day ahead of wedding photography at a beautiful wedding in Athlone.

My past few wedding photography shoots have been civil ceremonies, so I was looking forward to a church wedding, and there is no church as big or grand in Athlone like St. Peter and Pauls church.

Starting with the preparations photos, getting photos of the dress, rings, flowers etc, and of course the kids. It’s a big day for the kids too to witness their parents getting married.

So, after a lot of getting ready, many laughs at the brides house, and many stories told by the brides mother, it was nearly time to leave for the church. The wedding car was waiting outside the house. A very friendly driver patiently standing by his car waiting for the bride.

Off To The Church in Athlone for More Wedding Photography

It wasn’t long before the cars were filled and everyone was off the the church. Of course, I had to try and be there before the bride and her father got there in the wedding car. It wasn’t easy because the church was only around the corner and the wedding car can only drive so slow. Long story short, it was touch and go, but I managed to do it! yay!

The wedding car pulled in to the church ground. The bride and her father got out of the car looking absolutely amazing and full of excitement. After a few photos outside the church, I ran inside and got myself in position at the alter. I was ready to capture some photos of the groom waiting, the bride and her party making their way up the isle. Then then the ceremony was under way.

It was a beautiful wedding ceremony, with a lot of emotions. To be honest, I think the groom was more emotional than the bride, which is a first! But can you blame him, he’s been waiting years for this day too.

With the rings exchanged, vows made and the first kiss done and dusted, it was time to start moving to the isle and get ready for the couple to walk down it as man and wife for the first time.

The Big Group Shot

Outside the church, it was time for the group shot. This is a shot that can’t be missed when it comes to wedding photography. Yes, the one on the steps where there is always someone missing or wandered off. Of course, this one was no different. This is what I love about this shot, lots of banter trying get the attention of everyone and have them all looking the same way at the same time, just as soon as the missing aunty arrives back from having a chat with someone across the rood.

With the group shot behind us, it is time for me to take my couple away from the hustle and bustle. It was time to do their couples portraits. So with the help of the wedding car driver we arranged to meet at the canal walk in Athlone town. This worked out quite nicely. We got some beautiful shots, had some laughs. We all just had a good time. Everyone was relaxed enjoying the shoot.

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