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Wedding Photography in Wexford Town

Your wedding should be remembered and preserved for the rest of your life. All that remains after the party is over and everyone has gone home are the unique memories created by your wedding photographer.

Wedding Day Memories

There are very few days more exciting than your wedding day, and the lead up to it.  You have spent months, even years planning the best day of your lives. 

As a wedding photographer, it is always a privilege to be able to document special moments in peoples lives, particularly their wedding day through Wedding Photography.

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Wedding Day Special Moments

I hope to capture not just the jitters you feel when your partner’s reciting the wedding vows, I will capture all the great memories of the day in a very relaxed, candid style.

When your wedding is over, the last slice of cake has been handed out and the guests are heading back home, all that will remain are the memories and your wedding photos. That’s where the importance of having a wedding photographer comes in.

The bottom line is, memories fade. It’s easy to forget the little details of what went down because life seems to do its best at getting in the way. Wedding photography ensures that your special day will be forever remembered for all it’s glory and free from the blur of time.

Wedding Photography Packages & Pricing

All Wedding Photography packages include a complementary Engagement Shoot

My pricing is straight forward and uncomplicated. I understand you already have enough to worry about, so I want to make things as easy and straight forward as I can to help your wedding day planning go smoother. As someone who has gone through the whole wedding planning process, I know how stressful things can often get, so please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions whatsoever.

Why Hiring A Wedding Photographer Is Important

When the day finally arrives and you’re getting all dressed up for your nuptials, you’ll want to remember every minute of it. From applying your mascara to fussing with your veil, a wedding photographer will be there capturing it all and preserving those moments for you and your partner’s future children and grandchildren to cherish.

The relationship between a wedding photographer and the client is one of the most important. There isn’t anything like a day when you’re getting ready for your own wedding and someone captures every minute of it. When your big day finally comes and you hire a wedding photographer, it’s important that you feel comfortable with them.

At the end of the day, they’re there to photograph your special day for you and your significant other, and in turn preserve those moments for you to look back on in times to come. As a couple looking for a wedding photographer, you can talk to your potential photographers and ask them any questions that may come up about the wedding. Your photographer can also give you advice on what poses will look good in photographs and help you prepare for those special moments.


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