When you book one of my photography services, it will come with a contract.

Depending on the type of photography you require, you will receive a contract that has been designed specifically for that type of photography service and, specific to the photo shoot you hire me for.

Why is a Contract Needed?

The contract ensures that there is no misunderstanding, and outlines exactly what you can expect from me as your photographer, and what I expect from you as a client.

What Sort of Things are Included in a Contract?

The contract will outline a number of things including:

  • Date and Time of the shoot.
  • The price of the shoot.
  • How much of a deposit is payable.
  • What is included with your photo shoot (Digital downloads, prints etc).
  • How photos can be used by clients (see Licensing below).
  • And a number of other things related to the type of shoot I am hired for.

Photo Licensing

Every photo handed over to a client includes a license for a certain kind of usage of the photos.  In general, there are 2 types of license. A personal use license, and a commercial use license.

Personal Use License

This is the standard license given with almost all photos that are handed over to a client. This license generally allows the clients to share their photos on social media, print them for friends and family etc.  What you can not do with these photos is use them in any commercial application, for example, printing on products, displaying on the side of a work/commercial vehicle, advertising media like Facebook ads, billboards, flyers etc.  If you need to use a photo in a commercial application, you will need to pay a commercial license fee.

Commercial Use License

The type of Commercial Usage License will depend on how the photo is to be used in a commercial application. For example, if you want to use a photo on 10,000 flyers you will require a different type of license than if you want to do social media adds, like Facebook or Instagram ads. Each license will be specific to the required usage and license fees calculated accordingly.

What Happens if Someone Uses a Photo Without Getting a Commercial Usage License First?

While it is very rare that this happens, it does happen from time to time.

I use software that constantly checked the internet for copies of my photos. If it finds one my photos it will alert me. If the photo it finds is being used for commercial purposes, but the people/company using it has not obtained a commercial usage license, they will be contacted immediately and asked to remove the photo(s) from there website, social media, ad campaigns, products etc. in a certain amount of time.  I will always give someone a chance to respond and do the right thing, but if they ignore the request, then the issue is passed to my lawyer and becomes a legal issue.

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