Event Photography - Cutting the Cake

From corporate occasions to sporting events, to casual parties, as the organiser you need to be able to depend on the photographer to be in the right place at the right time to capture those memorable moments that make your event so special.

Professionally captured images should reflect the atmosphere and spirit of the occasion, be it the tender moment between a couple celebrating their anniversary or the moment a keynote speaker receives a standing ovation.

Corporate Event Photography

From company parties to large scale conferences, as the organiser, you rely on the photographer not only to be unobtrusive for those candid shots but also to have the ability to motivate for those more formal group photographs, carrying out both tasks with dependability and efficiency.

You need a set of impactful images which not only reflect but also actively contribute to the success of the occasion. You may need to put out a press release of your corporate event which will require not only high quality, but also a quick turnaround of your images. Of course, these dynamic images will be invaluable when it comes to marketing the event in years to come.

Bank of Ireland International Women's Day - Athlone Springs Hotel
70th Birthday Party - Hodson Bay Hotel

Family Event Photography

When it comes to planning your family event; the stag, the hen or that special Birthday party, a professional photographer can be relied upon to capture every special moment, creating lasting memories for all of your friends and loved ones.

What better way to say “Thank you for being there” than with a set of professionally produced prints, turning your party into an occasion that will not be forgotten.

Event Photography Prices

Half Day Event

Approx 3 hours

Full Day Event

Up to 8 hours

Custom Event Pricing

More than 8 Hours or Scpecial Requests
€- Get In Touch